Macedonia’s New Hobby: Phone in a Bomb Threat


Macedonia’s capital has seen over 30 bomb threats called in over the past two months. The incompetent police once made an arrest, based on an email sent to the Ministry of Interior. The email was signed by an opposition activist, which included name, last name and a phone number. Police arrested the opposition activist and released him after six hours realizing “no one is dumb enough to sign an email with their name”. Of course the police is being sued as we speak, but no worries, the thousands of euros to be paid out to the young man will come from taxpayers.

The prankster could have signed the email with Stevo Pendarovski which according to Oliver Spasovski’s logic, police would have then arrested the president.

Realizing just how incompetent the Police under Spasovski is, the prankster over the last few weeks has phoned in bomb threats in malls, schools, clinics, TV stations and finally, at two major police stations in the capital.

When a prankster is emptying police stations on daily basis, and you can’t do anything about it, time for you to pack your bags and sail into the sunset, or one of your marijuana fields.