Macedonia’s police junta fakes terrorist op in effort to distract and instill fear


The Ministry of Interior informed Friday that it has taken measures to prevent a terrorist attack in the country.

After having previously exchanged operational information with a secret partner country, in connection with potential plans and intentions for committing a terrorist act on the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia by members of radical structures and supporters of ISIS, we took operational-tactical measures aimed at identifying possible organizers, logistics and potential perpetrators of the attack, the Ministry said.

In order to thwart the terrorist attack and achieve preventive function, the Ministry of Interior prepared a plan of measures and activities, for which it provided appropriate orders for their implementation

Following the orders, searches were carried out on several locations on the territory of the country, and objects and devices related to the possible attack were seized


This press release is so mind numbingly stupid and fake, it appears it came straight from the US Embassy. Sure enough, the US Embassy right after the fake op, issued their own PR ‘warning of possible terrorist attacks’!? In other words, the MOI PR and the US Embassy PR were coordinated.
The Embassy warns “people to stay home, avoid gatherings…” because they decided ISIS is here, they don’t want people gathering and protesting the craziness unfolding in the country.

There was no action by the Ministry, there were no threats, no one was detained, nothing was done. This PR is more a ploy to scare off and distract the public, but also score some junta points by putting Macedonia in the news with an illegitimate name. Expect similar idiocies by other departments in the Government in coordination with the US Embassy.

  • Tony

    politicians becoming actors.

  • Goran Stavreski

    Brought to you from the kitchen of Obama-Hilary psychos.
    NATO is needed, you see ISIS is just around the corner… YES, because NATO brings it in everywhere it goes. Half of “ISIS” in Syria were Israeli special ops, the rest were US, French and British…

  • neutrinoz

    Sir very good/autohtone JIT thoughts.
    Poor baily and his 40 are still going by the book. Using words “north” and “ISIS” side by side in the same sentence. Subliminal threat/gravity of the word ISIS should distract Macedonians from word “north”. “Bigger” threat should be invoked in order to distract from current ETNOCIDE.

    So 9/11-ish.

    Flood of journalistic whining after overturn of the bus gave them 5mins relief but let me be clear. My grievance still rests with the children of Smillkovsko. Not a mm after. No room.