Macedonia’s president Stevo Idiot Pendarovski congratulates ‘Czechoslovakian’ president Milos Zeman


Folks, we can’t make this up. Your day is filled with laughter simply by following Macedonia’s idiots who somehow hold the positions of president, prime minister, ministers…

Every day there is something outlandishly stupid that simply boggles the mind. It’s one thing to be uneducated and they all are, but it’s another thing to be absolutely clueless about everything. Just for kicks, Macedonia’s criminal Government junta has displayed the wrong flag of a visiting foreign delegation on at least six occasions. This is some impressive level of stupidity.

One thing to know about Pendarovski, this guy has the IQ of a broken traffic light, but was an advisor to two Macedonian presidents before himself through fraudulent elections became a president. This pretty much shows you why Macedonia’s presidents and Governments are what they are… look at their “advisors”.

Here is Stevo the idiot Pendarovski’s tweet to the Czech president which by the way was sent to the wrong user…and removed three hours later after being extensively ridiculed on Twitter. Czech Republic split with Slovakia back in 1993.