Macedonia’s prosecution opened case against Gruevski based on gossip


Macedonia’s public prosecution opened up a case against Gruevski after ex Serbian foreign minister Vuk Jeremic in an interview with Soros owned media in Belgrade claimed “former Macedonian official were likely laundering their money in Serbia”. Jeremic, whose entire career has been financed by American NGOs and George Soros offered zero evidence to back up his statement, which is why he inserted the word “likely”.

However this appeared to be a sign for the newly established public prosecution to immediately jump ‘on the case’ and file charges against Gruevski!

Vuk Jeremic currently spends his time at Soros financed think thanks.

A day later, Serbia’s president Aleksandar Vucic was asked about Jeremic’s allegations of money laundering by Macedonian officials during an interview at a Belgrade forum.

Vucic categorically stated the allegations were absurd and ridiculous, there was no money laundering by Macedonian officials in Serbia and called Jeremic and the rest of the Soros operatives proven liars and criminals.

To wit, the Macedonian public prosecution opened a case for money laundering based on gossip by a proven liar and well known Soros and American operative Vuk Jeremic, but is ignoring an official statement by the Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic who called the allegations ridiculous.
Let this sink in for a second.

  • Its Just Me

    Oh how we will all cry for Gruevski… We never fight for what is good, we just “wait and hope for the best”.. I am so sad that this is happening to him… Its so unfair

    • Goran Stavreski

      He did it to himself, allowed nobodys and 4th rate diplomats to scare him into quitting his PM post.