Macedonia’s Quislings free terrorists and hardened criminals, but detain proven patriots


An international arrest warrant was sent out by the SPO and Katica Janeva for Edmond Temelko, mayor of Pustec municipality in Albania, Skopje Criminal Court said in a press release on Tuesday.

The Special Prosecution Office (SPO) despite not having a shred of evidence brought criminal charges against Temelko, political leader of the ethnic Macedonians in Albania, for alleged electoral fraud during the 2013 municipal poll in Macedonia.

The Jess Baily Court also referred to as the Skopje (Swarovski) Criminal Court accepted the SPO motion and ruled a 30-day detention for Temelko, which is to begin when the police will locate and arrest him, the press release said.

Temelko, who is also a Macedonian citizen upon hearing of the warrant turned himself in at a Skopje police station. Temelko’s mistake was phoning MOI chief Oliver Spasovski to tell him the location where he will turn himself in. Spasovski brought in TV crews of SDS affiliated TV stations, including TV21 which is owned by Vize Zaev, Zajko Zaev’s brother to film and tout the ‘arrest’.

Meanwhile, the SDS has already released numerous terrorists and heroin traffickers who funded their party in the past, but also assisted the SDS in committing all sorts of electoral crimes. Among them, most notable are Agim Krasniqi who attempted to fire mortar cannons from Kondovo into downtown Skopje, and Bajrush Sejdiu, a major narco trafficker in the Balkans.