Macedonia’s Special PM: We have built 1,300km of highways


On Monday afternoon, Macedonia’s unelected PM Dimitar Kovachevski claimed his Government has built 1,300 km of highway. Macedonia is 200km across, which means, there are imaginary highways that no one knows about which traverse the protectorate more than six times.

Below is a google maps insertion of what 1,300km looks like. You can drive from Skopje to Munich, Germany, that would be 1,300km! According to Kovachevski, the DUI-led Government and their junior partner SDSM have built 1,300km over 5 years?!

Did Kovachevski meant to write 1,300m because that would actually make a lot more sense. Unless they’ve built the highways, but were then sold to Greece and Bulgaria as the DUI-SDSM would do.

Or is it because Kovachevski knows, once you are certified as insane, you can say anything you like.