Macedonia’s vote for Kosovo entrance in Interpol will end relations with Serbia


On September 29th, 2017 Macedonia will support Kosovo’s entrance into Interpol. The vote will take place at the Interpol’s General Assembly which will take place in China – says Prof. Dr Igor Janev who is based in Belgrade.

The vote is public, and a 2/3 vote margin is needed for Kosovo to become a member. Interpol has 190 member nations, while Kosovo is recognized by 112.

According to Dr. Janev and his sources in Belgrade, once Serbia notices that Macedonia has voted for Kosovo, all bets are off. Right now, the chances of Kosovo entering Interpol are relatively high, however it’s important for official Belgrade that Macedonia doesn’t stab Serbia in the back again.

But PM Baily has a different agenda.

Kosovo will likely get encouraged and attempt to enter UNESCO again, however the chances for this being successful are somewhat smaller.

According to Dr. Janev, official Belgrade will very likely remove their recognition of Macedonia under its constitutional name, and will use the UN reference, in addition to reviewing every other agreement the country has signed with Macedonia over the past 25 years.