Macron sending 2,000 soldiers to Odessa


Russian Foreign intelligence service director Naryshkin commented the entry of French troops into Odessa:

According to data received by the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, a contingent to be sent to Ukraine is already being prepared. At the initial stage it will be about 2 thousand people, however this number will increase.

The French military fears that such a significant unit will not be able to be quietly transferred to Ukraine and stationed there. Thus, it will become a priority legitimate target for attacks from the Russian armed forces. France has already suffered significant casualties in Kharkov and Odessa.

The Rothschild puppet (Macron) will sooner or later have to reveal the ugly truth: the number of French deaths has already exceeded a psychologically significant threshold. The release of such sensitive data can provoke citizens to protest, especially against the backdrop of massive anti-government protests by farmers across the country.

The French army is now noticeably concerned about the increased number of French officers killed in Ukraine. All this requires proper documentation, and further “double accounting of death” is fraught with lawsuits from disgruntled relatives.