Mad Dog Mattis to visit Macedonia, to save us all from “Russians”


US Department shill Wes Mitchell wasn’t enough to persuade Macedonians to give up their  name, identity, history and sovereignty.

More “help” is arriving from Macedonia’s biggest strategic “partner” in the form of a mad dog, which is what Macedonia apparently needs.

US Defense Secretary James Mad Dog Mattis is arriving in Macedonia to, the way he described it, “save us from the Russians”. The real question is who is going to save Macedonians from the Yanks considering it isn’t the Russian Ambassador who is bribing judges, visiting Courts or seating with Election Officials on the eve of elections… it’s the US Ambassador.

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There is a referendum, and we are very concerned the Russians will meddle, they have meddled from Estonia to the US and will certainly meddle in Macedonia” stated Mattis during a Pentagon briefing.

What Mattis failed to mention is that Macedonia doesn’t actually have a Russian Ambassador yet, he is not even in the country, that’s how good the Russians are.

But, lets get this straight… the US is in a massive trade war with China ($700 Billion) which can easily turn into a real war. It’s in a proxy war with Russia in Syria, and as they are preparing another false flag in Syria, the Deep State dispatches the head of Pentagon to Macedonia? Just how desperate are the Yanks to change Macedonia’s name?

Mattis real mission in Macedonia is the following: A high ranking official was dispatched to spew bullshit about “Russian meddling” which the Constitutional Court will then use to “postpone” the Referendum until another date, awaiting the “right conditions” for it.

These people (the Deep State) carry such stupidity, they rehash the same tactics, use the same template in every country.