Major firefight in Strumica village involving local SDSM mayor


Half an hour ago the citizens of village Badolen near Novo Selo informed us that there was a major firefight between two opposing criminal groups.

The alarm also went off among the Bulgarian Border Police by increasing their combat readiness along the border line. Panic from mafia war is on both sides of the border. Citizens informed that the firefight is between criminal groups that deal with cross-border smuggling of cigarettes.

As the locals say, the shooting took place near the private ranch of the SDSM Mayor of Novo Selo Boro Stojchev, who was also spotted moving with two vehicles in and around the shooting area. Number of police forces were heading towards the shooting and ambulances, as well as the chief of the Strumica police.

Residents are scared and expect information from police about the shooting, they say locals have locked themselves in their homes and are afraid for their safety.

According to local media, there are serious indications that the SDSM mayor is involved in illegal activities. According to police sources, the mayor was subject to a police investigation, but charges were processed against his wife and relatives who appeared as managers of companies. He managed to save himself, and the investigations were stopped after SDSM came to power and Spasovski became the new MoI.

Mayor Boro Stojchev is also a close friend of Zaev, but on the other hand, the incumbent director of the BJB is considered to be Shekerinska’s right hand who often knows how to act outside Spasovski’s direction.

Lastly, below is a photo of some of the seizures of cigarettes ready for smuggling to Bulgaria with the SDSM mayor in the middle of it.

Update: The SDSM mayor Boro Stojchev and his sons has been brought in a police station for questioning after being caught smuggling dozens of boxes with cigarettes in two Jeeps. However, no charges are expected due to his friendship with Zaev.

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