Malta’s FM ignores junta: “Happy Independence day Macedonia”


Среќен празник Македонци од идниот премиер на Италија Матео Салвини и од Стојан Маџов и Кристијан Маџов

Posted by Stojan Madzov on Sunday, September 8, 2019

Will the Ohrid police raid Salvini’s home and arrest him for not mentioning “north”?
Over the weekend Ohrid police arrested nine football fans for waving the Kutlesh Macedonian flag. The illegal Prespa Agreement called for the Kutlesh flag to be removed from Government owned offices, even this was on voluntary basis. However it has nothing to do with barring citizens displaying it on privately owned properties.

  • Legenda Patriot

    Malta is our friend. I am sick of the meddling foreign retards who have spent millions of dollars and Euros to destroy our culture, identity and history! They will not succeed. Long live Macedonia. Never Northern , never, never, never! The traitors will pay for thier treachery and treason!