Man who fired gun on protesters in Macedonian Parliament new head of Bureau for Public Safety


Saso Tasevski, known in the Macedonian public as the crazy person who pulled out and fired his gun on protesters in Parliament was promoted to the head of the BJB (Public Safety Bureau).

At the time, Tasevski was working in the police as Zaev’s personal bodyguard. Following EU standards, Tasevski went from bodyguard to head of a public safety agency.

Tasevski is replacing Lazo Velkovski who was fired after giving his Land Rover police vehicle to his teen daughter who then took it for a joy ride to Greece.

Tasevski is said to have discharged his gun twice, once in the ceiling and another in the Parliament balcony.

Like Velkovski, Tasevski too met Governor Jess Baily’s criteria for subservience and sheer stupidity. If he points and fires a gun at protesters, it’s just an added bonus in Baily’s eyes.

  • V.M.

    I’d rather have the Taliban than SDSM in Government.

  • Legenda Patriot

    Another total imbecile!