Man whose job was to arrest Zaev, rearrested by Zaev 1 day after release


Macedonia’s Supreme Court ordered the release of former DBK boss Mitko Chavkov on March 26th. Chavkov was removed from prison and placed under a house arrest, due to his worsening health (he underwent a heart surgery recently).

However, Macedonia wouldn’t be the banana republic it is, if a Skopje Basic Court under pressure from Zaev ordered the rearrest of Chavkov and four other and brought them back to prison on fake terrorism charges stemming from the April 27th coup that Chavkov chose not to prevent.

That’s right, only in Macedonia, a lower Court negated the decision of the Supreme Court. Ironically, things would have been different for Chavkov if he simply did his job and ordered the arrest of Zaev, Xhaferi and company as they launched their coup. Instead, he chose not to act, which eventually led to his own arrest.

Meanwhile, the Chavkov family has stated they intend to flee Macedonia and apply for an asylum, however have not decided which country yet. For starters, if you’d like to be safe and live in a normal society, choose Russia, Ecuador or Slovenia. These countries still function and don’t report to Uncle Sam.

  • Wolf

    Commonsense really. If your Macedonian and your told to do a job.
    Then Do it.
    Even if Baily says “you Better Not do That”.

    Because If you don’t, then Zaev will Fire you. Or throw you in Jail for not doing your Job.

    Perfect example is Mitko.
    His own fault really.

    Just do your Job guys.