Marjan Zabrcanec: Thanks to SDSM, Macedonia defeated Germany 2-1, HC Vardar became a champ


    One of Zaev’s advisors Marjan Zabrcanec wrote a post on FB that caused quite the reaction on social media, mostly due to its hilarious insanity.

    In his post, Zabrcanec laid out all the “achievements” of the SDSM, such as:

    • Macedonia defeated Germany
    • Macedonia qualified for the European Championship
    • HC Vardar became champion
    • Merkel visited Macedonia (the idiot didn’t mention the visit was to lobby Macedonians to vote “yes” on the Referendum to change the name).

    Zabrcanec list is lengthy and incredibly idiotic, which prompted Macedonian actor Sasho Tasevski to respond to Zabrcanec telling him “this is what happens when you consume Zaev’s drugs”, adding “What sort of an idiot do you have to be to write this”.

    Zabrcanec and Zaev