Massive Crypto Fraud unfolds in Macedonia, Serbia through Delta Crypto Invest, Delta Fast Track


MINAReport has been investigating a fake crypto investment company run by Sonja Mincheva and a Serbian partner who have defrauded and stolen over 7m euros from thousands of people in Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia, Czech Republic, Canada and USA.

Skopje based Sonja Mincheva and her partners in Serbia and Canada hired a large recruiting network who have managed to lure thousands of people with promises of great profits in the crypto market, offering them 12% interest rates every month. The two primary crypto coins used in their scam were Ethereum and Bitcoin, the two most popular crypto coins today.

For the purposes of the scam three websites were created:


As each website quickly stopped paying money, a new website (project) was created with even more promises. It’s the very definition of a pyramid scheme.

MINAReport has been contacted by two dozen people wanting to warn others. All have stated they gave Sonja Mincheva on average more than 1,500 euros, and have not received neither the 12% interest nor their money back for over a year. There are those who have ‘invested’ over 15,000 euros into the fake company. Defrauded clients have attempted to get in contact with Mrs. Mincheva, however have not been successful in months.

Over the past week, at least a dozen defrauded clients have filed police reports in Skopje alone, with many more to come.

This is winding up to be the biggest crypto scandal not just in the Balkans, but in Europe. Due to the huge sums of money, and the fact foreign citizens are defrauded, claims have already been made in foreign Embassies, but also the respective police departments in the USA, UK, and EU are being notified. We’ll closely monitor this case as it unfolds, meanwhile, look at the wire below sent by a UK resident to Sonja Mincheva who “invested” 2,700 euros in Delta Crypto Invest. We received documents of dozens of such wires sent to Sonja Mincheva!