Material purchased for Tetovo Modular ‘hospital’ burns like paper


This is what a PUR insulation panel looks like when exposed to fire for about 30 seconds. Next to it is the PIR panel, exposed to fire for the same amount of time, reports TV 24.

The PUR panel are not flame resistant. PUR panels are installed in the modular hospitals in the country. Is this the reason why the modular hospital in Tetovo, according to eyewitnesses, burned down in three minutes? According to well-informed sources we contacted, the installation of such panels was a decision of the designers of the Ministry of Health, headed by Venko Filipce.

If the panels were not highly flammable, could the catastrophe in the Tetovo covid center have been prevented? According to safety engineer Borce Stojcevski, there are standards prescribed by the Rulebook on fire protection, which must be observed. The materials used in the construction of the hospital were simply pro-fire, and not fire proof. The difference in cost between the two is $2 per sq. meter, which is laughable.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Health did not answer specifically who and why decided to install these panels and instead announced that everything that is installed is with a certificate from the manufacturer, and the installation process, with certification. The minimum technical requirements for the materials were with the prior consent of the World Bank, which financed the construction.