Meanwhile in Prilep, residents gather in front of home of traitor MP Keti Smilevska


Traitor Keti Smilevska representing the SDS has unexpected visit today, as angry residents gathered in front of her home to protest her vote for the unconstitutional language law.

„Кети предавник!“ Во Прилеп, пред домот на пратеничката Кети Смилеска од СДСМ.

Posted by Robert Klenkoski on Friday, March 16, 2018

Never a good thing when over 40 policemen have to guard your home.

  • Its Just Me

    when does the police go home?
    The policeman work so hard for our country, would be great if the government learns something from them.. For example what hard work means, how to be loyal..
    who knows, maybe the policemen protest too in their hearts….

  • Goran Stavreski

    We have traitors in DPNE, if we had a patriotic political party, this Govt would have been gone by now…. But, sadly for the entire country, there isn’t a patriotic political party.

  • Its Just Me

    to be fair, if the police acted as SDS did in the parliament… Then the police should just leave and let the Albanians protect SDS..
    hahaha of course it wont happen, but SDS deserve to be treated as “fair & professional” as they work :)))))

  • Tedi

    I want to grab the dumb B*h by the hair and make her see stars