Merkel has a tough time explaining to Zaev he’s no longer needed


Zoran Zaev announced that he will either resign or ‘try’ to reconstruct his Government following a planned meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Zaev wouldn’t disclose the time and the place of the meeting, which is expected to bring some clarity in the dramatic political turnaround, as it becomes clear that the European Union will not allow Macedonia to open accession talks in June, despite the name change, something we had reported on extensively.

France, the Netherlands and Denmark are openly against the opening of accession talks, but also German conservative parties oppose the move, and German Greens claim that Merkel herself is not willing to reward Zaev, although she feverishly campaigned in favor of the name change. Zaev today dismissed claims that there is opposition from the Chancellor herself, but acknowledged that he will be forced to take his future steps depending on the outcome of the European Council.

The shocking news that despite all the humiliating concessions with top national issues Zaev made, Macedonia will not be allowed to make the initial first step on a long road to EU membership came at a time when Zaev was already politically weakened after the presidential elections. 

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