Merkel’s blackmail: 100,000 muslim migrants in Macedonia in exchange for “EU negotiations”


For former Minister of Investments Vele Samak, the immediate meeting of the European Union in regards to a yet another orchestrated migrant crisis was an attempt to rescue the Government of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

According to Samak, Merkel is trying to find a solution to the crisis that is expected to quickly intensify in the European continent.

The Ex-Minister claims that at the meeting, the German Chancellor has requested reception centers for migrants in the Balkan Peninsula, specifically in Macedonia, Albania and Serbia, and in return, the first two will receive a date for the start of negotiations with the Union.

The reports of Western agencies do not mention Macedonia, but Albania and several African nations, and Samak claims that the country is not mentioned due to the genocidal name agreement.

“EU’s mini-summit for Merkel’s salvation for migrants: Merkel will seek asylum centers in Albania, Macedonia, Serbia. In return, the start of negotiations with Albania, Macedonia. Because of the delicacy of the genocidal agreement, Macedonia is not mentioned publicly,” Samak wrote.

Back in 2016, a plan was created by Soros NGOs in Macedonia to house muslim migrants in permanent housing built in eastern Macedonia. The plan envisioned housing over 100,000 migrants in Bitola, Prilep, Berovo, Demir Kapija, Gevgelija and Shtip.

The sheer lunacy in this blackmail is the fact France, Holland and Denmark have already stated they would block Macedonia’s EU negotiations.

  • Legenda Patriot

    Stop this rubbish now! Crooked mongrels!

  • jj

    It is foolish of smaller countries, which are away from the core of the EU, to join. They will be treated 2nd or 3rd class, even if they make it in. Romania and Bulgaria are treated lower, for instance. And Greece’s finance and economy isn’t so hot despite being in the EU. Croatia is upset over the population loss due to its people running off to Germany for work/careers.