MHRMI calls on NATO member-states to reject ratification for Macedonia under Western-Imposed name of “North Macedonia”


MHRMI Calls on NATO Member-States to Reject Ratification for Macedonia Under Western-Imposed Name of “North Macedonia”.

According to NATO, it “promotes democratic values and enables members to consult and cooperate on defence and security-related issues to solve problems, build trust and, in the long run, prevent conflict.”
Yet, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg infamously said “There is no way to join NATO without changing the name” while leaders of NATO member-states subsequently went on foreign interventionist tours in Macedonia issuing the same ultimatum.

Claiming to promote democratic values while simultaneously forcing a country to change its name, identity and history in order to appease its oppressors – all for the end goal of NATO membership – is what NATO has unabashedly become.
Greece had vowed to veto Macedonia’s NATO membership unless it changed its name so, NATO, led by the United States, have forcibly changed the Republic of Macedonia’s name into “North Macedonia” and Macedonians’ identity into “North Macedonian” to appease Greece, the very country that admits to trying to eradicate Macedonia. The Greek government even publicly celebrates that the Western-imposed “Prespa Agreement” (that changes Macedonia’s name) also officially denies Macedonians’ rights to their own identity. Article 7(2) officially hands over the term “Macedonia” to Greece. Article 8(5) mandates that a panel of Greek diplomats rewrite Macedonian history and that Macedonian textbooks be rewritten.
It is brutally ironic that Greece outlawed the term “Macedonia” in 1913 (after partition and annexation of Macedonia by Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria and later, Albania) and denied its existence until a dramatic propaganda switch in 1988, when it began a campaign of trying to deceive the world into believing that Macedonia belonged to them. But NATO member-states already know this. They either don’t care or are afraid of defying the United States.
If NATO was truly interested in “promoting democratic values” and “building trust”, they would immediately denounce the forced name and identity change on Macedonia and Macedonians. If they were interested in having Macedonia join NATO for some altruistic dream, they would insist that it be under the name Macedonia. They would further attempt to clarify the supposed “benefits” of NATO membership instead of spewing tag lines about claiming to spread democracy.
MHRMI asks Turkey if it would tolerate any claim by Greece that “the name Turkey is Greek” and if it would entertain changing its name to join NATO. We ask if Hungary would give up its name to Romania or vice-versa in order to “join the club”. We ask if any country would tolerate the forced changing of its name, identity and history.
Therefore, Macedonian Human Rights Movement International calls on NATO member-states who haven’t yet voted on Macedonia’s ratification to:
• reject NATO membership under the imposed, racist name of “North Macedonia”;
• demand an end to the forced name change; and
• actually stand up for the ideals that NATO falsely claims it upholds