MHRMI Calls on Russia and China to Introduce UN Motion in Support of Macedonia, Veto Any Change to Macedonia’s Name


Following our meetings with Russian and Chinese officials, Macedonian Human Rights Movement International sent letters to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi calling for both countries, as members of the United Nations Security Council, to:

1. Introduce a motion at the United Nations demanding that the UN charter and rule of law be upheld, and that the Republic of Macedonia be immediately admitted under its rightful name, thus permanently ending any attempts at changing it, and;

2. Unequivocally call for the end to the forced, and illegal, implementation of the Prespa Agreement, and that it will veto any change to Macedonia’s name and identity.

MHRMI called for support in defending our basic right to self-determination and explained that Western imperialistic goals of expanding NATO membership – by aiding in Greece’s goals of eradicating the existence of the Macedonian nation – must be urgently stopped.

In continued discussions with President Gjorgi Ivanov and his foreign policy advisors, MHRMI, along with our partners in defending Macedonia, reiterated our demands that he immediately take action by supporting the actions mentioned above and by introducing his own UN motion as the Republic of Macedonia’s head of state.

Further, we call on all UN member-states to adhere to the UN’s own charter by respecting, and defending, the rights of Macedonia and the Macedonian people.

  • Lena

    Russia and China were two nations that Macedonia should have forged really good close relationships with. Gruevski and VMRO chose to align macedonia with snakes and sharks, like US, EU and NATO who eventually fu.ked the country over. I hope they don’t turn their back on macedonia but at the end of the day if you brush away their hand of friendship they are going to tell you to off.

    • MINA

      From what other nations have said of Russia: If they shake your hand and agree to something… the agreement will stand no matter what. If they tell you they will protect you, it’s done. NATO started the 2001 war in Macedonia…

      • Taylor

        NATO along with the US starts everything!!!

  • Legenda Patriot

    About time that all this corrupt activity is stomped on from a great height. Let’s hope that the cockroaches get squashed in the process.

  • strav

    Where is the army? Sleeping! Zaev and his chronies must be shot and US embassy burned down!