MIA journo gets fired after ranting against CIA run VOA


One would have to have a heart of stone to read the fate of little Boris without dissolving into tears…of laughter
So two groups of state run journalists in Macedonia try to out-brown-nose each other – wrote Cvetin Chilimanov in his twitter profile.

The VOA (US – CIA run team) went to the Russian ambassador and accused him of meddling in Macedonian affairs over a banal program to promote studying the Russian language. The VOA team had to come up with something to make their ‘meddling’ case, so learning a new language was their go to option.

A MIA journalist (hilariously called Boris) thought that the VOA article was simply not strong enough in its denunciation of Russia, so he went ballistic against the VOA journalists on Facebook. So MIA fired him.

MIA, or the CNN of Macedonia is now missing a fool in its ranks. But worry not, the SDS will fill the gap quickly.