DPNE’s Micko to start roaming farms during most critical week for Macedonia


The party says that the salon policy is not a feature of VRO-DPNE and that the main intention is to communicate with citizens who are facing everyday problems. From there they say that Macedonia stagnates in every area. Needless to say, the country has also dropped in various business rankings of little known magazines, something Mickoski’s predecessor was very focused on. As for the name, and the federalization, well who cares?

– Citizens have more problems and are left to themselves. Such a gambling policy has pushed the country to the most corrupt country in Europe, at the bottom after economic growth, without the prospect of improving it, citizens have betrayed expectations from the government, which is comfortable in their cabinets and do not listen to the voice of the people, VRO- DPNE.

As the illegal language law and defacto federalization comes ahead this week, Mickoski (Crpko #2) is leaving the capital “to be closer” to his people and will first visit villages in the Strumica region. He will meet with the youth in Strumica today, then visit Konce and Veljusa, and at the end of the day he will hold a meeting with the municipal committee of the party in Strumica.
While in Skopje, Micko doesn’t meet with locals, instead, he frequently meets with the US Ambassador and his representatives.

The party says that the daily communication with the citizens will become a permanent feature of the party, particularly during this crucial period for Macedonia. When the public expects VRO to act (ex: organize protests), they simply remove themselves – signature move of cowards.

This is essentially the same scenario when Gruevski fired (removed) himself from the PM position with assistance from his “partners” and begun roaming the countryside for months as Macedonia faced the most difficult period in its existence.

  • Goran Stavreski

    Micko, just like Grujo is fleeing from the scene of the crime, which is about the become a crime scene when they pass the Language law.
    Tomorrow, DPNE will say, hey we weren’t even there…

  • V.M.

    DPNE traitors and cowards should have called on the people and block Parliament and the entire city. Instead, they met with Baily to promise him they’ll be quiet and … apparently would even leave the city and roam the countryside.