Mickoski becomes only candidate to head DPMNE


Two letter of candidacy for the opposition DPMNE leader have been submitted, but only the one of general secretary Hristijan Mickovski is accepted, as the other is invalid because it lacks delegates’ signatures of support, the party told Macedonian media on Thursday.

Earlier today Mickovski announced his intention to run for the party leader.

The party’s congress for electing new DPMNE leader is scheduled to take place in Valandovo on December 22-23.

In the recent period a great number of DPMNE members, as well as many common citizens have voiced their support and encouraged me to take this step, Mickovski wrote on his Facebook profile.

And I with great faith and open heart will take the responsibility to run for DPMNE leader, Mickovski said.

Ten days ago former Macedonian prime minister Nikola Gruevski resigned as leader of the conservative opposition DPMNE party following the recent fraudulent government elections.

Mickoski is a professor of Mechanical Engineering at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University. He also had very successful spell as a Director of ELEM where he is credited with enacting energy policies which reduced Macedonia energy dependence on outside sources, saving the country in the process over 25m euros annually.

  • LXV

    This only means PM Baily will get an “opponent” of his own choosing, a remote controlled puppet willing to do whatever his masters in the Kale Embassy please. This includes Parliamentary “cooperativeness” in the ongoing efforts to erase our Macedonian identity…

    However, in order for the announced “internal reforms” of DP#GE to be complete, Mickoski will also have to rebrand the party into ‘New Liberal-Democratic Party’ (NLDP).