Mickoski has a multi-year plan to ensure “Early Elections”


Speaking in Tetovo after his meeting with the Mayor Bilal Kasami, VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski said that the party has a strategy how to ensure that early elections take place before 2024.

Of course I have a plan. I’m a serious man, and everything I do in life is under a plan. Be patient and you will see. We have institutional and external tools we can use and will fight for what the people expect from us, Mickoski said.

He added that he does not expect the SDSM – DUI coalition to leave power even after SDSM’s sound defeat at the local elections, because “we see them comfortably sitting in their offices, while our young leave the country and our people are starving and are burnt alive in hospitals, as happened here in Tetovo. Of course they want to remain in power till the last moment and continue to steal from the people”.

Mickoski has been hatching a plan for early elections since 2019. Meanwhile, his party will remain in Parliament and continue to support whatever DUI and its junior partner SDSM are doing.