Mickoski has had it: Wants something done about …. Air pollution!


DP-NE President Hristijan Mickoski knows where the country’s priorities lie: in midst of perpetual brutalization of Macedonia’s constitution defacto federalizing the country, he demanded that the Government declares a state of emergency over the levels of air pollution. Air pollution that hasn’t changed for decades during the winter period, the only difference is that today there are measuring instruments that actually tell us what the air quality is.

Air Pollution a ploy to keep people from protesting?

The gray smog floating over Macedonia’s largest cities, aided by 24/7 reporting telling people to stay at home has panicked citizens and prompted the Government to prolong the winter school vacation for two days(!?), but Mickoski says that is not nearly enough for his party.

The problem is way too serious to be handled with the daily spins meant to distract the public from the air pollution issue. And the pale steps which are being undertaken only serve to mask up their incompetence. We have hospitals filled with sick children and elderly suffering from breathing problems. We are losing lives. The Government must act. We are talking about the health of two million citizens, Mickoski said in a video address.

USAid financed media, the Government and opposition in unison urge people dozens of times daily not to leave their homes and stay indoor to protect their health – while Macedonia as a state is torn to pieces from within.

Видео обраќање 21.01.2019

Состојбата со загадениот воздух е алармантна, се губат животи, владата да прогласи вонредна состојба.

Posted by Hristijan Mickoski on Monday, January 21, 2019

Mickoski, always tackling the important issues: pollution & apple orchards.