Mickoski says DPNE MPs are followed 24/7, Gruevski “search” is theater


DPNE’s president Hristijan Mickoski statement during a press conference at midnight:

It’s been a year since the assassination of Martin Janushev, several months have passed since the murder of the young football fan Sazdo and a series of other murders for which the perpetrators are on the run, and their names although known have not been released to the public.
There were zero spectacles during countless murders, no one is searching for suspects.And there should have been spectacles because those murderers are still walking around free. And instead of looking for them, you are dealing with a political witch hunt against VMRO-DPMNE.

Gentleman who are you deceiving and what is this cheap theater that you’re putting on? You’re trying to accuse us and point your finger at VMRO-DPMNE as if we’re allegedly hiding someone, without and proofs or arguments?

Are you telling us that the person that you’ve been attacking for years, have arranged a trial on made up charges and try to portray him falsely as some sort of state enemy. You follow our MPs 24/7 and today you’re telling us you don’t know where he is?

Mickoski’s press conference continued on, however those were the most important points in it. What is Mickoski really saying here! Is he alluding that this might be a well orchestrated scenario by Jess Baily, the SDS and dare we say Gruevski?
Why would Mickoski openly allude to the fact they know where he is… There is no question Gruevski was being tracked 24/7, we certainly agree with Mickoski on that remark…