Mickoski signs petition to support veggie sellers


Renaming, federalization…

DPNE’s Mickoski once again tackled the issues that most want to avoid. If last week he put his foot down and made a video discussing the “air quality”, today he made waves among veggie sellers in Skopje. It’s what the country needs at this precarious time, someone who is not afraid to sign a petition urging the Government to lower taxation on veggie sellers.

Baily still hasn’t sent a memo what Mickoski can and should do, so amidst all the confusion the DPNE leader ended up in an open bazaar, supporting veggie sellers. This is Macedonia’s ‘opposition’!

Velinovska said it best in her latest column. There is no more DPNE. They’ve already marked themselves as traitors.

  • Billy

    I genuinely think Mickoski is retarded.

    • Goran Stavreski

      He is an actor, he was suppose to act as a “patriot”, but his fake patriot skills have been so f-ing awful he appears dumber than Zaev with every passing day…
      Mickoski is the very definition of a Spotter. But, it no longer matters, this group of DPNE prostitutes have killed off their party.

  • Jole

    Somebody, please start shooting these Fk-in liars & traitors, start with him bailey’s as licker.