Mickoski: Vote for me, put me in Government and don’t expect anything


DPNE’s president has a message for the Macedonian public: “The instruments of control are right now with the Government, VMRO-DPMNE cannot do anything while in opposition, therefore we’ll need the support of the public in order to protect further deterioration of the situation in the country” stated Mickoski in an interview for Alfa TV this evening.

The DPNE leader, as well as the “leadership” of the party doesn’t miss an opportunity to embarrass themselves.  During the entire interview, Mickoski not once did he say he would reverse the illegal and unconstitutional decisions, instead he appeared even more delusional than before, if that’s even possible.

What struck me more is that he views the unconstitutional laws not as simply illegal and unconstitutional that cannot stand, instead, this is Mickoski’s take on the bilingualism law: “Despite the bilingualism, nothing has improved for Albanians in the country” meaning vote for him and their situation will improve! This was Mickoski’s concern about the unconstitutional law?

Although this shouldn’t be even discussed, it’s meaningless whether an illegal law benefits someone or it doesn’t, it’s still illegal… but if Mickoski had paid any attention to analyst Arsim Zekoli who prior to the Referendum vote very eloquently explained what “Albanian vote” in Macedonia actually means – To summarize: There are very few Albanians left in the country, and their numbers are diminishing daily, when we all speak of Albanian voters what it really means is 150 DUI operatives who stuff on average tens of thousands of votes in ballot boxes in western Macedonia during every election. That’s your “Albanian vote”.

The DPNE leader has much bigger problems. The script handed to him by Baily is not penning out. He was explicitly promised once all the unconstitutional changes are forced through (name change, bilingualism – defacto federalization), he would be installed as the new Prime Minister of the North protectorate.

However, DPNE’s problems now are multi-faceted to even have a shot at managing the North. Rather foolishly, the party presumes that people furious with SDS will automatically translate into votes for them, somehow not realizing their own membership is outraged with them!

During the entire name change operation DPNE was involved in support of it. This is a fact.

  • Stayed in Parliament to ensure quorum to hold vote, despite their membership asking them repeatedly to leave! Later EU’s Hahn publicly and perhaps accidentally stated Mickoski has been ordered & accepted to stay in Parliament and ensure (illegal) smooth process.
  • Refused to submit a single amendment to dispute and delay the unconstitutional laws.
  • Borrowed 8 MPs to Zaev for votes to pass – would have borrowed 8 more if needed (Danev, Rangelova, Dimovski…. were on the bench).
  • DPNE failed to remove/replace their “renegade” MPs, yet Zaev replaced MP Tuntev immediately when he stated he didn’t wish to vote!
  • Ensured their membership is not protesting and if they were, they were being led out as far away from the capital as possible.
  • When thousands of people descended on Parliament, Mickoski came out of his rat hole and immediately went on TV to state his party had nothing to do with the protest.

Now, not surprisingly, there is a deep, very deep backlash against DPNE. They are getting no support from the public. It’s gotten so bad, the party dispatched Vladimir Gjorcev in Kondovo to seek support!? Kondovo is a small village north of the capital, known for notorious Albanian criminals. Was he asking criminals to stuff ballot boxes in favor of DPNE this time? Probably not, but it goes to show you how low the party has sunk.

What is more incredible is that with each statement by Mickoski, the party appears to have less and less touch with reality. In addition to this, the man whose job is to deliver Baily’s  messages through the EU, the same person who first convinced Gruevski to give up his PM slot, and then Mickoski would rule the North, EU’s Johannes Hahn on Friday stated that Macedonia doesn’t need early elections, quickly deflating DPNE’s balloon. The trick is, Jess Baily and his puppet Hahn promised Mickoski early elections would be allowed if the name was changed. If you can’t trust a former casino manager, PhD fraudster and EU Bureaucrat on one hand, and a low-level CIA operative in Jess Baily on the other hand, who can you really trust?

Now, how disjointed the DPNE really is?
Consider this: Their spokesperson Janushev four days ago stated the DPNE is considering boycotting the presidential elections. Last night Mickoski (coached by the Kale Fortress) stated in no way they would boycott the elections. Talk about being on the same page! DPNE’s Aleksandar London Nikoloski has contradicted himself on every single interview – claiming the Prespa Agreement was as it is and we’ll have to live with it, followed by the Agreement is not good, followed by the Agreement can be tweaked – all of his contradictory statements are driven by the intensity of public backlash he receives on social media.

These are the people that want your votes!