Mickoski: Who me? Prespa agreement is here to stay


Hristijan Mickoski who was installed as “opposition” to control the DPNE membership in order to provide higher voter turnout for which he’d be awarded as the next Prime Minister of North, a fortnight ago lost his breath trying to convey to the public that there is no way anything can be changed…

But then again, this is precisely why he was installed as the head of the DPNE:

  • Legenda Patriot

    Mrdnat predavnik. Gubre!

    • Liberty

      The few posters always have negetive things to say about DPMNE never about the POS primer! Boycott what, and give SDS total control. Insanity!!

  • Tony

    Zemjata je polno od predavnici

    • Legenda Patriot

      Mortein treba za ovije I kjotek!

  • neutrinoz

    Last time he mingled with regular Easter attendees at church to project nonexistent mass support. Poor debunked twat. Must be Strumica water. More precisely brUSsels sewer.