Mickoski will take Zaev at his word for early elections


The show must go on… Two weeks ago, both Zaev and Mickoski met and issued a statement that there won’t be early elections.

However, that was two weeks ago, which in Macedonia is light years.

MINA finds multiple polls done by both the SDS and DPNE are being kept hidden from the public as they point to a boycott. Although normally they’d release fake polls funded by US NGO IRI, this time they shy away from it – remember the IRI polls that predicted 75% turnout for the Referendum?

In an effort to ‘lure’ people into voting, both the SDS and DPNE got instructions from the US Embassy to keep talking of ‘early elections’ that wouldn’t happen under any circumstance.

Zaev immediately went on TV claiming if his spotter presidential candidate Stevo Pendarovski loses, there’d be early elections.

Everyone knows that Pendarovski is there not as a candidate, but his job is to prop up the real Deep State and Soros favorite, Goga Siljanovska.

Zaev’s statement immediately followed a statement from the controlled opposition represented by Mickoski who announced that he would take Zaev for his word and seek early elections.
The statement made by Mickoski is laughable at best and was scolded on social media for it – here is his statement.

  • V.M.

    Wasn’t EPP a commercial in the past, remember that?

  • Macedonian Forever

    They are all fuckin liars. None of them have stood firm or showed any patriotism. Every minority in Macedonia has rights and the Macedonians have ceased to exist. How can you deny your own nationality and even worse allow others to dictate who you are and what you will be called, and rewrite your history.. That is complete defeat and now you are a slave nothing more.

  • Tony

    You can see through this false patriot fucken traitor