Mijalkov and Zaev agreed to 5.5 year jail sentence?


According to our sources, close to Zaev and Co, this is how the ‘negotiations’ between Zaev and Mijalkov went down.

  • Mijalkov found out that Zaev has pressured a judge to give Mijalkov a lengthy jail sentence despite previous “deal” where Zaev promised Mijalkov a light sentence.
  • Mijalkov goes into hiding.
  • Zaev arrests Mijalkov’s family members and confiscates his properties.
  • Mijalkov phones Zaev and tells him he will publish taped conversations where the SDSM leader discusses cash payments and threats to VMRO MPs to vote for the name change in Parliament.
  • Zaev buckles and agrees to a reduced sentence of 5.5 years.
  • Mijalkov shows up at Prosecution Office, Zaev lies.