Mijalkov’s Marriott Hotel turned defacto into new HQ for SDSM


The famous facility on “Bihacka Street” that the SDSM (the main successor of the Yugoslav Communist Party) occupied and unlawfully seized from the state after the abolition of Communism in Macedonia has lost nearly all of its primacy as an “operational headquarters” from which the planned destabilization of the state is coordinated.

In the past period we have witnessed an increasing number of incursions and tumbling in the political scene. And this isn’t something new. What makes the situation even more interesting is the fact that instead of the headquarters of SDSM at “Bihacka”, the moves are arranged and the dealings are done somewhere else. The new address for the SDSM is Hotel Marriott.

TV crews and the media almost no longer visit the “progressive communist” stronghold. Now, the SDSM often addresses its public addresses at the HQ of the opposition party VMRO-DPMNE.

After securing eight deputies through blackmail, bribery and politically motivated sentencing, the public realized that the crucial negotiations and bargaining took place and still takes place in downtown Skopje, on the premises of the Marriott Hotel, which is owned by the biggest “villain” and “criminal” – at least according to the SDSM leadership description of Sasho Mijalkov.

These epithets Mijalkov received from the SDSM at time when Zaev was in opposition. Countless times he was referred to as the head and main organizer of all corruption and money laundering operations in the country.

Today, the SDSM has no comment on Mijalkov, primarily because internally he is the crucial person that keeps the name change operation alive. On top of it, SDSM now uses Mijalkov’s Marriott Hotel as its primary base of operations. On December 30th, Zaev and Sekerinska met with Mijalkov and the 8 renegade MPs to discuss their strategy and importance of not releasing Jane Chento and Igor Jug from prison, both are considered highly ‘dangerous’ due to their patriotism and ability to influence the public.
Jane Chento was imprisoned for being the nephew of Metodija Andonov Chento, the first president of ASNOM.