Milenko mops the floor with DPNE&SDS: Two sides of the same Coin

  • Tony

    This country is disgusting I can’t handle what is going on

  • V.M.

    Sadly, Macedonia is quite a special country. We have large percentage of the population that is weak, spineless, of no moral or ethical values of any kind: Zaev, Mickoski (every MP and every Government official).
    But then, there is that small percentage who are quite strong with the highest morals and characters. But, they are a tiny minority… Jug, Chento and few others that you can count on your fingers.
    What’s missing is the middle ground… that’s why the situation is so bad.

  • neutrinoz

    Long years of communism. Where top characteristic for greasy carrier was to please the leader. No need for education or critical thinking. In fact the most unwanted one. Just fancy rhetoric and wording like “photovoltaic plant”. And when leader sells his ass to the highest bidder …

    Recall a Gnote about Workers Council (Работнички совет) that was monitoring body to oversee/control CEO decisions. Made of 13 from every level in the factory/organization. One of them was Floriana the cleaning lady. (Цвета чистачката)
    So when proposal of buying a new peanut computer or spend the money on syndicate pig halfs came in consideration score was 6:6 and Floriana had decisive vote. Guess how it end.

    Sole purpose of Boycott is to invite forward critical thinkers and give them more decisive influence from calm, fact-checking and non-biased ground. Yet we got decisive Goga against criminal nest. Guess how it will end. As aspirin for cancer.