Milososki: Zaev promised Borisov not just our history, but a Bank and Telecom company


According to unofficial diplomatic sources, I learned that in addition to bargaining with Macedonian history, identity and national heroes, Zaev promised Borisov that Bulgarian capital would enter a large Macedonian bank and a large telecommunications company, stated Antonio Milososki, MP and Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee.

We believe that the European Union, including Bulgaria, should recognize the fact that the Republic of Macedonia in the past 20 years has deserved to start negotiations without any blackmail. 

Let historians discuss history, but the start of negotiations should not depend on any other requirements. What is being said in diplomatic unofficial circles is that part of the tension created between Borisov and Zaev refers to some promises made by Zaev related to Macedonian history, identity and language. 

But the tension is also linked to Bulgaria’s promise to enter a major Macedonian bank and a major telecommunications company. We cannot know to what extent that is true, because the Government works exclusively behind closed doors, says Milososki.