Minister of Death Venko Filipce: Macedonians not allowed to visit graveyard, but can mingle with voters


To ensure the ‘safety’ of Macedonian citizens, Venko Filipce, popularly called Minister of Death issued a statement that Macedonians are not allowed to pay their respect to their loved ones during Pentecost this Friday.

This astonishingly idiotic Government, whose clueless “Health Commission” and complete idiot of a minister Venko Filipce have jeopardized the lives of thousands of Macedonians citizens continue with their agenda to humiliate as much as they possible can the native population of the country.

Just a week ago, the Venko Filipce and the SDS removed the police quarantine so their muslim coalition partner DUI can enjoy Ramadan festivities. This resulted in huge spike in coronavirus cases, as hundreds of muslims attended cramped mosques sitting next to each other. In addition, both the SDS and DUI have dozens of politicians and ministers who have contracted the coronavirus, including their leadership and Ministers in Government. These lobotomized fools who cannot follow their own orders or take care of themselves are tasked to ensure the well being of the country.

However, when it comes to locking down the majority Christian population of Macedonia, both the SDS and Venko Filipce will not pass on the opportunity. Social media is filled with ironic messages “Hoping for a muslim holiday soon so we can move freely again”.

The SDS has now blocked all movement for Pentecost, despite the fact the main Skopje graveyard is designed for social distancing, with each grave being at least 2m apart. “It’s not safe” says Filipce. According to the Minister of Death, it’s much safer to go to the polls and mingle with thousands of voters in line for hours.

And thus, this project called Macedonia somehow continues its run…