Mirka – Boycott to prevent national suicide

  • vistina

    ime ne menuvame


  • vistina

    everyone boycott “North Macedonia”

    pick up the telefon and tell all your family and friends to bojkot. Tell them of all the devastating clauses in the 19 page “dogovor”. Macedonia stands to lose a lot more than just the name of country. Zaev and his cohorts have been avoiding any discussion or debate about what is in the whole 19 page “dogovor”. the television media has been useless and run by lazy idiots, many of them admit they have not read the 19 page “dogovor” but want to talk sh*t for 60 minutes on a TV show. Don’t get on camera you idiots until you read the 19 pages first and bring the document with you so it can be debated and the public can be informed of all the proposed changes. they avoid this or are stupid, lazy, or bribed, because they know the public will be furious at all the treasonous changes proposed. the boycott rate will jump from 75% to 98%. Keep exposing the full contents of the 19 pages because Zaev is doing his best to hide the full contents and implications and not discuss it.

    fail the referendum

    and no officials will get any offered bribe money. Why else are they pushing so hard for these treasonous changes when they can see 90% of the Macedonians are against it? The protests against the changes have drawn tens of thousands of supporters, but the “for” campaign can only manage empty stadiums and they have to hire 20 buses to ship in paid actors from other towns. there is plenty of evidence posted of this

    no normal Macedonian will vote to change the name of their country, language, history nationality


  • Goran Stavreski

    Цела населба кај мене нема да гласа. Нека полнат кутии, но никој овде нема да гласа.