Mitko Burcevski coordinates Cash offers to MPs – $2.5m in duffel bags


VMRO MPs have started receiving deliveries of $2.5m each in duffel bags. The entire process is coordinated by US State Department employee Mitko Burceski (aka Agent Tesla), while the meeting location is at a luxury apartment belonging to former DBK head and Gruevski’s cousin Sasho Mijalkov – reported journalist Milenko Nedelkovski.

Gruevski and Burcevski playing basketball

One VMRO MP has apparently taken up on the offer and is currently meeting with US Embassy officials.
Is it Rangelova?

The MP has gathered her entire family at the US Embassy, and according to Nedelkovski she’s been at the Embassy for over 4 hours.

It is not out of the question that the MP is negotiating to emigrate to the US after she votes “yes” in Parliament.

Zaev and the SDSM expecting ‘success’ in bribing MPs, around 20 minutes ago scheduled a Parliament session in which they will put changing the country’s name to a vote, despite major public opposition and a failed Referendum.

US Ambassador Jess Baily strategy is very simple. The vote is scheduled for the 16th. The Court scheduled all of their proceedings against VMRO MPs on the same day, the 16th. Against all the VMRO MPs who are in jail and those who have Court proceedings against, their Parliament immunity will be stripped by the SDS, thus the MPs in Parliament will be reduced from 120 to likely 112 or 110, which means to get 2/3 of the MPs, you won’t need 81, but 75 MPs. Of course this will be immediately ‘approved’ and cheered by the Nazis in Washington, Brussels and Berlin.

Earlier today, another VMRO MP (Gordana Jankulovska) was sentenced to 6 year jail for her ‘involvement’ in the purchase of a bullet proof State vehicle which every country has, a vehicle that Zaev today uses for personal joy rides and to welcome foreign officials. The whole made up case about the vehicle is that the vehicle was not needed per the prosecution, yet it continues to be in use.

Advice to DPNE:
1.Those who are blackmailed and who we all know may get their immunity stripped should immediately resign from Parliament, their places taken by new MPs.
2. DPNE must immediately Quit Parliament, all MPs. The party should have never returned to Parliament in the first place. Have some respect towards your colleagues in prison.

  • Maco

    This seems to be the final part of the treachery in macedonia. Somehow I do not think The Republic of Macedonia will survive. Nor the Macedonian history or the Macedonian people. What country allows traitorous politicians to cause self ethnic cleansing and genocide. Shameful.

    • Golden shekels

      since the battle of cinocephally 2300 years they have been trying to eradicate us we must not let these traitors rest where ever they hide make there lives unbearable

      • Tassos Pagonis

        You are Slavs and Bulgarians who came to the Balkans 800 years after the battle in Kynos Kefalai (meaning in Greek ” dog’s head”)

        • Emmy I
          • Emmy I

            THE TRUTH IS ALL IN PLAIN SIGHT!! You Greek MOFO’S are nothing but FAKE USELESS LEECHES!! Over time even dead bodies become unearthed.. LET ALONE THE TRUTH.. It’s COMING I hope you GREEKS are ready FOR DISASTER!!

          • AlexandraPapadimitriou

            I have no problem with Slavs and I actually don’t buy that nationalist bullshit. I can openly admit that modern Greeks do not descend from the ancient. It is impossible for people to have remained pure and clean blooded after thousand of years and this ,does not apply to the Greeks only. But unfortunatelly for you, only people in Greece speak greek and not some other language. And probably you weren’t around 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

          • Goran Stavreski

            Yes Alexandra, your grand parents were around, mine were of course not, instead were fishing around the corner… you dirty gypsy 🙂

  • Billy

    Now you know why Ms Piggy Katica Janeca dropped all charges against Mijalkov…

  • Goran Stavreski

    I am convinced that whatever is going on, the DPNE is in on it. They are going to betray the people, again!

    • Maco

      Goran I am starting to think like you. It was always a possibility the macedonian people would be betrayed. Unfortunaly the macedonian people put all of their faith in dpmne politicians. This whole saga should have been decisively dealt with a very long time ago by the macedonian people via a public uprising.

      • Legenda Patriot

        Yes could not agree more. Where the hell is our Army in all this. For fucks sake. Clean up these turds!

  • Golden shekels

    just remember when those treason’s F%#kers head to foreign nations the Macedonian Diaspora will be waiting from them.

  • Golden shekels

    by there fruits you shall know them

  • MrTuvok

    The time is up for those who are corrupt!

  • Macedonian Forever

    As the saying goes,,,Soot first and ask questions later

  • Emmy I

    I have posted this Question so many times & in so many forums, I am yet get get someone to give me an answer.. I WONDER WHY?

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