Model films herself twerking on burning streets of Barcelona


A model has filmed herself twerking on a burning Barcelona street as a ‘form of expressing [her] protest’ during the Catalan independence riots.

Sandra Kisterna, who boasts a 12.2k Instagram following and shows ‘Twerk Classes’ on her social media, has gone viral with 370k views of her routine.

In the bizarre video, scantily-dressed Kisterna wiggles her bum on the burning street.

She shakes her body around and moves her arms above her head in the seductive and fiery routine.

Facing on to the burnt rubble, she jiggles her body in a skimpy bodysuit and drops to the floor as she moves to the beats, in the clip uploaded on October 19.

Kisterna captioned the clip: ‘I do not want to offend people who are out to fight for their rights. This is my form of expressing my protest!

Or, it could just be a way to add to her 12,250 followers on Instagram.