MoI arrests 8 Albanian terrorists who fought with ISIS in Syria


The Interior Ministry reported the arrest of eight additional members of a group of Islamists that was apprehended in August.

In the initial arrests, three Islamists were detained, along with a large cache of weapons that included suicide vests stuffed with metal balls. The police informed that the latest round of arrests were again conducted in the area of Kumanovo and Skopje, and all eight suspects the police was looking for were found and detained.

They are men from the two cities aged between 21 and 32. All were in communication with the initially detained three members, and drew inspiration from ISIS. One of the members of the newly arrested group was part of ISIS in Syria.

The weapons that were uncovered near Kumanovo in August, by their type and quantity, indicated that the group had more than three members, the Interior Ministry informed.

Macedonia had about 150 citizens join ISIS – all of whom were ethnic Albanian Muslims and about half of them have since returned to the country. This group had several automatic rifles, a heavy machine gun, several RPG launchers and two explosive vests.