MOI’s Oliver Spasovski and his team of Idiots are working on Bomb Threats


This morning, two dozen elementary schools in Macedonia’s capital were evacuated due to another fake bomb threat. Fake bomb threats has been an ongoing problem in Macedonia’s capital for nearly three months now.

Parents were furious after receiving phone calls at their jobs to pick up their children from school. “School’s representative called me at work, told me to go get my daughter, this is the fourth time her school has been closed due to a bomb threat. As I arrived there older kids are throwing fire crackers, while the younger ones are screaming, what a f*ing place, it’s hard to believe this is a country. Just how many more times this will happen?” says an agitated parent for local media.

Meanwhile, Spasovski and his team of idiots are working on the case, so everyone has nothing to worry.

At the moment, Spasovski’s hand picked experts have spent three months deciphering the meaning of VPN. In addition, and this is not a joke, all school executives in the capital have been asked to check their school emails because the bomb threats will be sent there. Read that again… They are essentially admitting who is behind all of this. It really is an open air mental asylum.

Who ever is sending these emails (bomb threats) is incredibly tech savvy and sophisticated, using a state of the art VPN service and paying the $3.99 monthly subscription… but who could be this sophisticated within the SDSM/DUI?

The fake bomb threats are a classical psy-op operation by the criminal Government to draw attention away from their: treason, bulgarization, robbery of state budget, passports sales, and a whole host of other criminal activities.

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