Money Laundering, the Macedonian way: €130,000 on Electric Fikjo


American and Japanese electric car manufacturers are finally getting serious competition. It comes in the form of Macedonian company BB CLassic Cars who produced the country’s “first” electric car.

The owner of the SDS affiliated company took a €400 Fiat 750, popularly known in the country as “Fikjo”, and utilizing an electric converter set that anyone can purchase for €6,000 euros, received Government cash in the amount of €130,000 to make it look like an electric car from the 1880’s.

The finances for this obvious money laundering operation in the amount of nearly 7m denars (130,000 euros) were provided by FITR, the Government run center for innovation who is behind giving millions of euros to relatives and friends of Government officials for bogus ideas. Recall Zaev giving his mother-in-law 330,000 euros for a computer firm ‘decode-me’ that was registered as a firm just so it could receive the money.

The electric vehicle itself is stunning. It comes with a 125,000 euro paint job on the side that says “Electric Drive”, an On and Off switch, a Start button and a red switch which we can only assume launches missiles.

Finally, to the gangsters that run FITR, the first electric car in Macedonia was the Eco Cincuecento produced in 2015, without your ‘help’.

The Macedonian public on social media has been merciless towards the FITR and their endless money laundering scandals. People are already considering applying for FITR cash for their ability to invent “hot water”.

  • Billy

    I can buy 2 Tesla for this 😂 Whoever pocketed the money, kudos ….

    • Common Sense

      could you develop a new one for that money?

  • neutrinoz

    Well once upon a time there were really Titans among professors. And then murky 90-es cleansed everything that can hold juice.
    Leftovers like she-zukerberg and her champion goga@soros can be easily filed under popular say: “Чија мајка сина ќерка изгубила во професори ќе ги најде”. Unfortunately my english skills does not qualify me for translation.

    In the meantime Deskoski “foundation” keeps digging another hooole in the waaater …

  • JM Student

    What I like about the junta is their overall lack of sanity…. spending 130,000 on an electric battery, spent 7m euros to remove the fence around Govt HQ … they don’t plan on being in control for long and are stealing like lunatics

  • Common Sense

    And now, this is exactly why macedonia is doomed: Some ingeneer decides to ask the state for help on developing his research on a future company. The state tells him – get yourself fitted with a party pass of ours and we’l sort you!

    As soon he gets that development money, everyone gets pissed off, and calls his project laundring money, and himself a party pesant.

    from that point on, his project is doomed to fail as soon the next party gets enough seats to be governing. they are going to “clean” that “money laundring”.

    of course some blogger has to shit on all of that and mislead people, by being too lazy to research what he is writing about.

    Yeah, you all seem to lost your minds of all that crap that’s going on the past years! ya’ all need a break.