Monkeys in charge? Healthcare chaos, security breaks ramp for ambulance to get in


With the appointment of Arben Taravari as a Health Minister, the first and only thing he did was add albanian language sign at the entrance of the Clinic.

Since then, 8 infants have died, with more being reported daily despite major efforts by Taravari to keep the information unavailable to the press.

And today’s incident shows that the Health Ministry is literally being run by monkeys. In the past, ambulances always had their own entrance point to the State Clinic. However, per Taravari’s request, the Clinic management is using the former ambulance entrance to enter the Clinic, while emergency vehicles and ambulances use the patient/public entrance who is always clogged with vehicles.

As a result, emergency vehicles spend sometimes 10 minutes waiting to enter the Clinic, despite carrying patients with life threatening problems.

Not surprisingly, today a security worker deemed it was necessary to break the entrance ramp so the emergency vehicle can enter the Clinic!
Monkeys can’t run a country, jungle maybe, a country – no.