Montenegrin MP bigger Macedonian than our own MPs


ВЕ ПОЗДРАВУВАВАМ МАКЕДОНСКИ НАРОДЕ !Излагање на Проф,Др Бранко Радулович член на Црногорскиот Парламент по повод пристапувањето на С…… Македонија кон НАТО !

Posted by Bobby Temelkov on Friday, March 1, 2019

  • neutrinoz

    BobaN had very insightful information about dpney’s guerilla that have been waiting in their sobranie offices for baily’s call to vote. Sneak in sneak out. Now we should trust the same muddy waters and their mamma goga?
    Until TOTAL reset at least on 27-th (preferably elections before) no slightest involvement.

    • Liberty

      A few VMRO traitors is a far comparison to the pigs in SDSM. You’ve got to be kidding.

      • neutrinoz

        Pigs from sdsy are out of any consideration and do not deserve any thought or word.

        “Few VMRO traitors” actually made final coup de grace with handed razor. And if you think that the same bunch has any balls left (after imported goga@soros) I can easily sell you stone bridge. Cheap. Just line up.

  • Goran Stavreski

    Samo bojkot za predavnicite na dpne i sds.

    • Liberty

      Boycott didn’t work. Demand a new government. People need to get out and demand that the current government is dismantled. Give the people the will and god given right to vote and run the government. A boycot is the same as giving up! Useless tactic. This corrupt government must be removed.

  • Liberty

    It takes a person of Macedonia/Montenegro decent in the Montenegro parliament to say it how it is. How long must this continue to go on. Even Mathew Nimetz states that the Prespa agreement is a complicated mess layered in problems that will take decades to resolve. This is beyond boycotting. The citizens need to revolt. A total revolution. Down with the entire government and start from scratch!
    We need a two party system based on laws. Forget about the enthnic divide, it will only lead to further division. The state needs to function in terms of the citizens regardless of ethnicity. That’s not to say we are the
    Republuc of Macedonia!
    The rest of the word can call us whatever they choose. The Americans call Hrvati Croats, Cernagora Montenegro the Hellas Greeks, it doesn’t matter.
    Furthermore, F the Greeks. It’s agonizing to even think of how they treat us! My hope is they get what they deserve. God is Just!

    • Legenda Patriot

      Well said. Clean out the scum once and for all. Start all over again. Recover all the money these stinking corrupt bastards have stolen from our people!