Montenegro on fire, but won’t call on Russia for help


Montenegro entered the coveted NATO alliance, all problems solved. Not quite. As Montenegro media reports, apart from paying multi-million dollar ‘membership’ fees to the western military alliance, NATO has no concern and isn’t interested whether one of their members are on the brink of a catastrophe or not.

Case in point, Montenegro. The tiny Balkan country is engulfed in huge fires. In the past, Montenegro relied on Russia for assistance, particularly on the Russian Humanitarian Center in Nish which is equipped specifically for natural disasters such as floods or fires.

However, the unelected Montengrin Government in order to keep their positions in Government, first invented “assassination plots” from Moscow allegedly aimed to destabilize the pro-western Government in Podgorica. Then, the country entered NATO, despite massive opposition from within.

As a result, the Montenegro Government doesn’t have the face to ask Russia for help, even if that means losing people and cities to fire.

  • jj

    It is too proud, stubborn and eager to please NATO than to ask for help.
    I have read that impoverished Ukraine (which is not part of NATO…yet!) has send planes to help. There’s something about Ukraine that way – remember they sent help to Macedonia when the NLA/ANA was attacking in 2001.
    The wealthy NATO countries seem reluctant to send help.