Morbid SDS unscrews children’s teeter-totters so they can blame Karposh mayor


In preparation for the local elections, crazed SDS activists have unscrewed teeter-totters at a local Karposh park in hopes that some kids would be hurt so they can blame the popular Karposh mayor Stevco Jakimovski!

The park is located near the student dorms “Goce Delcev”.

SDS portals immediately started campaign of Jakimovski’s mismanagement, lack of safety and inability to lead the municipality of Karposh.

The Karposh mayor’s office issued a press release in which it stated multiple children’s toys and games have been sabotaged in the playground which has resulted in one child being lightly injured. “Teeter-totters have been unscrewed, ropes have been severed all in an effort for children to get hurt” says in its press release.

Parents fear this type of insanity can spread to other parts of Skopje.

Stevce Jakimovski used to be part of the SDS, however quit the party roughly five years ago citing their treasonous activities as a reason. Jakimovski has won multiple mayoral mandates in Karposh, and been a torn in the eyes of the SDS ever since.