Again glitches with US Embassy ‘donated’ election software. Boycott movement puts their Stamp


With 716,828 the turnout is 39.8%. But, then the SEC reports less people voted, 694.735, but somehow the turnout is higher?!?

Low turnout marks another Macedonian vote. Today’s presidential elections failed to reach the 40th percentile, despite SDSDPNE bringing in 408 buses from Kosovo to vote.

Sitel takes numbers from SEC as its source, but numbers are different. SEC/third party keeps manipulating the numbers.

At the moment, the SEC has had multiple glitches where votes counted do not equal the turnout percentage, even though this is the simplest formula of all. You take the total number of eligible voters and divide it by the number of votes. This, thanks to a election software donated and installed by the US Embassy.

On the SEC website, in one place, it shows 39% turnout, while on the very same page, displaying the same numbers, shows 41.75%. Children at play…

MINA’s Pero Stamatovski who followed Mickoski’s speech at DPNE’s HQ, reported that DPNE activists do not celebrate a win, instead they celebrated reaching the 40% threshold, which was actually incorrect. Similar situation unfolded at SDS’s HQ who although in a muted atmosphere they too were more interested in the turnout, and not the actual results.

Speaking of results, both Stevo Soros and Goga Soros are virtually tied…This cannot get any weirder than it already is. Both DPNE and SDS have announced “victories”. There are nearly 40,000 irregular votes, highest in history.

DPNE has just registered its worst election numbers yet. If getting 480,000+ in the past was the norm, getting 320,000 with Goga Soros is quite bad, it’s 160,000 less than what they normally get. Did Mickoski and the rest of the fake patriots finally got the message? Probably not.

The face of a winner!

  • Risto

    MINA, love your work but you are far off the mark on this one. I’ve been reading all your recent articles promoting a boycott, but what will that achieve? Someone will be elected president, either through parliament or the ballot and Those promoting a boycott are those that want to support another Zaev victory. We need to support the lesser of two evils, Gordana, she has publically stated she is against the prespa agreement, the agreement with the Bulgarians and the law on languages. What else do you want from a candidate ? You really need to have a reality check here and rethink what you are posting

    • neutrinoz

      Odd arguments.With pessimistic dilemma why we should live when one day we will inevitably die. “True” Delchev in our front lines. From lesser of two evils, as predicted by Boycott, you draw only middle one. Census.

  • Macedonian Forever

    I have to agree with Risto. What really bothers me is our people back home especially the SDS supporters. Can they all wake the fack up. You are a Macedonian first and foremost, we can settle the politics afterwards.
    That is what makes countries like America strong, Democrat or Republican they are Americans first. That is what we need, We need ALL Macedonians supporting Macedonia first. We do not need an adjective in front of our name.

  • Legenda Patriot

    I just want all the scum exterminated so that we can start fresh. I think the people have spoken. What we need is a show of force to remove the disgusting impostors who have contaminated our beloved country. Smrt na site predavnici. Da ziveje Makedonia.