More lawsuits filed in response to Coup on April 27th


Legal expert and president of the World Macedonian Congress Todor Petrov has launched a lawsuit to the Administrative Court, pursuant to Article 62 of the Law on Administrative Disputes, to accept the request for protection of freedoms and rights due to unlawful action and take a decision that annulls the Decision number 08-1108 dated on 2nd of May 2017 for the election of Macedonian parliament speaker published in number 53 of the “Official Gazette” on May 9th 2017.

With this request, Petrov challenges the contested decision of MPs who committed illegal actions by a misapplication of substantive law, erroneous and incomplete factual situation that preceded the decision and because the procedure preceding the decision not to act according to the rules of procedure established in the Constitution, the Law on Assembly and the Rules of Procedure.

– I expect the Administrative Court to accept the request and proposal and annul the decision on selection of Talat Xhaferi as chairman of the Assembly. Political violence and illegal election of the President of the Assembly should not be a rule of conduct in government. Such behavior is at least acceptable for MPs who need to protect constitutionality and legality, to protect the freedoms and rights of citizens and to provide justice in the country.

Administrative Court in the proposal needs to act urgently and in a way that respects the basic principles of procedure – that all are obliged to respect and equal before the Constitution and laws provide effective protection of the rights and interests of citizens. The decision of the Administrative Court may be appealed to the Supreme Court of Macedonia. Petrov says he will utilize all legal instruments offered to ensure laws in the country are followed not just by citizens, but by politicians as well.