More SDS distractions to coverup treason: old weapons ‘discovered’ in new bags


SDS interior minister Oliver Spasovski claims police have found weapons and ammunition in a canal beside a dirt road near village Blace, in the vicinity of the regional road leading to Kosovo.

муниција и оружје

“The units found two rocket launchers M57, seven hand grenades, five hand grenade lighters, Chinese-made machine gun, Russian-made machine gun, automatic rifle AK, three empty automatic rifle cases, and three bags containing 2,141 bullets of caliber 7,62mm”, the Ministry of Interior said in a press release.

An on-site investigation has been carried out, whereas the weapons and the ammunition have been handed over to the forensics department.

What is interesting is that the weapons found were very old, but very neatly put in brand new bags. Skopje media says this was another distraction by the SDS to coverup their treasonous agreement with Bulgaria. According to Telegraf, the weapons appear to have been confiscated by Macedonian police from the 2001 conflict and are being ‘re-discovered’ for political marketing.