Moscow Captures All Terrorists, came on a Turkish Flight, tried to Flee towards Ukraine


Here is what we know so far

Russian FSB was under strict orders not to kill the terrorists, but capture them alive.

Over 150 civilians have been killed in cold blood at the concert, the number is expected to rise further.

Four terrorists were captured, recruited in Turkey, given half a million rubles in cash (only $5,100)! This was a large operation, the terrorists had multiple handlers both in Turkey and upon their arrival in Russia and were trained for a month. They were given weapons after arriving in Moscow on March 4th. Fled towards and were captured near the Ukrainian border where a window was provided for them to flee.

Apartment they were staying in had weapons and an ISIS flag made of construction paper which appeared to have been simply planted there after they left – this is why the CIA-run media in Washington screamed “ISIS” merely seconds after the attack. How did they know it was ISIS when nothing was known at the time? The terrorists do not speak Russian, appears like they were carefully selected to make them look like ISIS, but certainly not ISIS. It’s a basic sleight of hand to convince the naive world community. But the reality is something else.

Intel officers quickly discovered and arrested their accomplices who told the FSB what their escape route was. It wouldn’t come as a surprise that their handlers reside in Kiev and Washington. The FSB is not saying anything, however Kiev’s and Washington’s response is very telling…

Former CIA analyst Larry Johnson has come out stating this was the work of Ukrainian Intel and the CIA was well aware of the operation.

Here are additional, interesting facts: On March 8, Western embassies issued warnings to their citizens not to attend mass events in Moscow, particularly concerts. Yes, precisely in Moscow, and not in Russia.
After the terrorist attack, literally within a matter of minutes, the United States and Ukraine declared that Ukraine was not involved in the terrorist attack.

This is not looking good for cokeheads Zelensky and Budanov.

Update: One of the captured terrorists was Ukrainian


Remember her?